The revolutionary mobile app to start, fully resolve and collect on ANY monetary dispute!

How it started

Squabble was born out of an inspired talk between a law professor and his student in the basement of a law school. They wondered, “How many Americans are legitimately owed money but have no easy way to get it?” The answer: millions. Before Squabble, most of us just simply gave up because the legal process was confusing, costly, and took forever. The Squabble founders knew there had to be a better way, a modern way, simple for all parties. So, they set out to make Small Claims national and mobile

How we’ve grown

Whew. Having grown to a nationwide service accessed by millions, Squabble is now an open collaboration between the brightest and boldest in legal tech. 

With every new Squabble version, we remain laser-focused on ensuring: (1) 100% compliance with all jurisdictional requirements; and (2) that Squabbling is as easy as humanly possible for as many Americans as possible. 

1,000,000+ users later, we are proud to be the new way to resolve disputes nationwide! 


Squabble sees a world in which all of us with minor disputes have access to real justicecollecting via a modern and simple interface. Squabble already helps resolve tens of millions of previously ignored monetary disputes each year and envisions the same on a global scale.

Today, any person or business that thinks they’re owed money can easily download Squabble, begin and resolve a dispute and collect their funds in app or through a judgment of the court. Squabble anticipates that users will develop increasing confidence in our app’s priorities: pinpoint jurisdictional compliance, core professionalism, and continued innovation.


Justice is no longer only for those who have the time, funds, and expertise to figure out the process. It is (finally!) for anyone and everyone. And we want to be loud and clear to all Americans: you can easily resolve your dispute on your own time, without complicated language, right from your phone.

We understand that Squabble is the first ever product of its kind and you might need to play around with the app a bit, ask questions and get a comfort level. But we assure you that our intensive three year product-development period overseen by experienced Squabble developers and attorneys resulted in a product that you can trust…and easily understand.