Squabble Makes it Easy

The only mobile app that allows you to file and fully resolve legal disputes from $250 and up.

How it

Squabble grew out of a discussion between a law professor and his student in the depths of a law school building in 2017. It was apparent that going into court to file a lawsuit was just too complicated and that the court system is too cumbersome and costly. People simply don’t have the time to go to a Small Claims Court and figure out the process. We knew there had to be a better way, suitable for all parties involved. Squabble was created to meet this need.


Squabble has shifted minor disputes from the archaic court format into the modernized and streamlined Squabble app. Squabble is assisting in the resolution of tens of millions of ignored monetary disputes each year.


Squabble aims to aid parties in resolving their disputes on their own time, right from their phones, while retaining a core sense of professionalism.