Bonnie DumanisFormer San Diego District Attorney

Bonnie Dumanis has had a long and venerated law career. Originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, she received her JD from Western State University College of Law in San Diego. She served as the county’s Deputy District Attorney from 1978- 1990. She would establish the first-ever Drug Courts in San Diego after being elected to the Municipal Court in 1994. Four years later, she would be elected to the Superior Court. Always an advocate for victims, she founded the Domestic Violence Court program in order to quell repeat-offenders.

Ms. Dumanis successfully ran for San Diego County District Attorney and served from 2003- 2017. In addition to the numerous impactful cases in her domain as DA, she supported 2006’s California Proposition 83 to restrict and monitor paroled sex offenders. We are truly honored to have her as a member of the Squabble team.

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