They owe you, but still haven’t done anything

How often has it happened that someone owes you money but you don’t hear anything from them for far too long. You may send them reminders, however, this doesn’t change the fact that they are ignoring your request to get paid back. Depending on who owes you money and the urgency of it, there are a different way to approach this problem.

If this party is a client, the simplest way is to send a weekly invoice. If they’re busy one week and accidentally forget about it, perhaps all they need is another reminder. If after a few weeks this does not work and they blatantly ignore and do not contact you about it, send them a “final invoice” with this title, and let them know that if no action or contact is attempted in the next 7-10 days, the case will be taken to small claims court.

Now with friends and family, this is more complicated. A smart idea is to try and create a payment plan if this is a larger amount. Lend them the money but let them know what your intentions are for the usage of the money and when you expect the money to be paid back by. A more informal option or a smaller amount (say $20-30) . is to order dinner and happen to have the amounts equivalent to each other. Remind them that they owe you money and that them grabbing the check would perfectly cover that money owed.

In the event that these parties do not budge or do not initiate contact, then the case may be taken to a small claims court. The problem with this is that the amount of time to get the trial date, the time and energy needed to prepare, and the costs associated to the small claims court may not be worth the money. So how do you get this money they owe you?

Another option is to use Squabble. Simply input your information and of the concerning facts of the dispute, and invite the opposing party. When they accept the invite, the issue will be disputed, a Certified Squabble Mediator (CSM) will ensure the problem gets solved smoothly, and the dispute will be settled faster than if addressed at a small claims court.