Three Easy Steps to Success

The only mobile app that allows you to file and fully resolve legal disputes from $250 and up.

1 start my

First, download Squabble from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Next answer a few simple questions about your Squabble and upload your proof.

2 Resolve
my dispute

Once your “Squabblee™” joins, simply resolve your dispute through a “Certified Squabble Mediator™” (CSM). These are trained professionals whose credentials may be easily viewed in their profile. Your dispute will be resolved in no time and you’ll sign your “Squabble Settlement Agreement™” (SSA) on the app. If you can’t come to an agreement, simply “Squash™” the Squabble with the tap of a button and your case is auto-filed in Small Claims Court in your jurisdiction.

3 collect
my funds

When you’ve resolved a Squabble, your funds are automatically transferred through the Squabble platform in accordance with the payment plan in your SSA.

Satisfied Squabblers & SQUABBLEES

Squabble made resolving my dispute very easy and I didn’t have to go through the long process of going to court to litigate the case between myself and my opposition. Saved me money and time.

– Christine, Detroit, MI

I loved how this app helped and was able to make an otherwise long and complicated process short and organized. Would have been drowning in paperwork in court but Squabble made it easy and the mediator was also a huge help.

– Jacob, Palm Springs, CA

Highly recommend Squabble. My Squabblee was unsure of entering Squabble and realized they had to go through a long process with me in court with plenty of paperwork. They decided to simply join Squabble and get the dispute resolved through the app. Thank you Squabble.

– Veronica, Long Beach, CA

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