Escape the troubles faster

Issues between tenants and landlords seem to arise quite often. Miscommunication is the main reason for these disputes, however, how can parties diffuse the tension before it becomes much too large to handle.

First off, knowing the laws and placing your own official agreements in a contract before leasing out your place is important. As a landlord, you must know all of the tenant rights so that you are not overstepping your own boundary, but that your agreements in your contract seamlessly align with those tenant rights and the other laws relevant to your area. Some of the topics that must also be written out are who pays for what in case of damage, and what qualifies as natural damage or tenant-caused damages. A long contract may be tedious, but upon arrival of problems, it may help determine who is in fact in the wrong. Similarly, documentation of any problems, calls or emails to notify of the lack of responsibilities taken by the tenant, or any other “evidence” that can be helpful in the future, must be taken.

If problems are easy and can be settled by a face-to-face conversation, or perhaps a little more formal with a professional mediator, then the facts can be shown and the dispute is settled right away. In the event that this does not work, the dispute may need to have lawyers involved or even taken to a small claims court. These allow for an official way for the problems to be addressed and solved, however, may be costly to both parties, particularly if the value of the damages are less.

This is also why Squabble comes into the picture. Squabble allows the tenant and landlord to come directly onto the app and settle their dispute via a Certified Squabble Mediator (CSM). This option allows for a faster and cheaper way of getting the problems addressed and documented, with the help of a professional to mediate the parties. Disputes between tenants and landlords are bound to happen, however, our goal is to solve these problems in a timely manner that does not take a huge financial toll on either party.