Michael EgenthalFounder & CEO of Squabble

Michael is an attorney  and a law professor. He has consistently demonstrated a visionary quality in observing inefficiencies within the legal field, having carved out successful businesses in the otherwise hyper-competitive markets. His business law firm (dubbed “mobile in-house counsel”) was hatched upon the observation that growing businesses in need of advocacy are often unable to retain large corporate firms while remaining competitive in their space. As a result, such businesses were often left to fend for themselves as they navigated deals vitals to their company’s future. The Egenthal Law Group thus allowed its attorneys to act as a perpetual, daily allies for these businesses and develop a more personalized relationship, one that resulted in greater client satisfaction. Concurrently to operating the law firm, Michael founded and ran an influential academic law enterprise named Ink.Forms..Rivers…, Inc., which mentored law students of all stripes. Michael found that the bond the company formed with students as they entered the process fostered a loyalty that nurtured the relationship throughout the students’ journeys to becoming attorneys. Michael is currently a professor and consultant at both California and ABA Accredited law schools, continues to mentor students in the law education process, but has shifted his full-time efforts to daily operations at Squabble™.

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