Certified Squabble mediators (CSM)

Certified Squabble Mediators (CSMs) facilitate the settlement of Squabble claims directly through the CSM app. Squabble offers the distinct advantage of providing our users with an exceptional mediator that is always accessible. No more waiting in court lines for a dubiously-credentialed intermediary. All CSMs undergo training in the fundamentals of mediation and the Squabble process. As they demonstrate their proficiency, they unlock higher “tiers” of Squabble disputes to mediate, thereby earning extra cash.

Why become a CSM

Earn valuable certification as a CSM.
Increase your reputation by satisfying all parties involved in a Squabble.
Earn money by mediating successfully. The better your rating, the more you earn.

How to
become a CSM

In order to become a CSM, simply download the separate Certified Squabble Mediator app and complete the e-learning program as instructed. Once completed, you will have your own page where Squabblers and Squabblees can see your CSM Rating and certification.

Some of our CSMs

Jennifer Reardon
Bijon Mostoufi
Michael Egenthal

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In the news

Satisfied CSM’s

I am an attorney of 35 years. I had been using Squabble as a Squabbler for a while and became curious about becoming a mediator myself. The CSM program was efficient and has made me much more knowledgeable about mediation and the civil litigation process. I’m glad I can now help others out too.

– Jeffrey, Hialeah, FL

As a new lawyer, barred for just a year, I had heard about Squabble when it first launched and I became interested in becoming a Certified Squabble Mediator. I downloaded the CSM app and carried out my in-app certification through them. I’ve now resolved a handful of cases successfully.

– Lauryn, Los Angeles, CA

I am a law student at an Ivy League school, but not yet an attorney. I downloaded Squabble after hearing about the simplicity of it and realized I could train to get certified and become a mediator. I’ve loved being a CSM.

– Fabian, Buffalo, NY