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The only mobile app that allows you to file and fully resolve legal disputes from $250 and up.

Why become
a squabbler

Solve my dispute
Save time and money by filing directly through the app
Don’t get involved in a lengthy process

Types of Squabbles

Loan repayments
Past due invoices
car repair
Security deposits
Services Contracts
Home imporments

Why Squabble instead of
small claims court?

If you need to file a claim, we make it easy. As a Squabbler, you input your information and invite your opposing parties. Once they accept the invite, you’ve started a Squabble easily. In doing so, you’re saving plenty of time and money that would be otherwise spent filling out paperwork and attending the small claims court. You have all your information directly in one place and the ability to solve your disputes on your smartphone.

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Satisfied Squabblers & SQUABBLEES

Squabble made resolving my dispute very easy and I didn’t have to go through the long process of going to court to litigate the case between myself and my opposition. Saved me money and time.

– Christine, Detroit, MI

I loved how this app helped and was able to make an otherwise long and complicated process short and organized. Would have been drowning in paperwork in court but Squabble made it easy and the mediator was also a huge help.

– Jacob, Palm Springs, CA

Highly recommend Squabble. My Squabblee was unsure of entering Squabble and realized they had to go through a long process with me in court with plenty of paperwork. They decided to simply join Squabble and get the dispute resolved through the app. Thank you Squabble.

– Veronica, Long Beach, CA