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The revolutionary mobile app to start, fully resolve, and collect on ANY monetary dispute!

Why Squabble?

Start, Resolve, Collect on dispute entirely through the app.
Save time and money.
Avoid a lengthy and confusing process.

Types of Squabbles

Loan repayments
Past due invoices
car repairs
Security deposits
Services Contracts
Home improvements

Why Squabble and not
do it myself?

Squabble makes it super easy to collect! As a Squabbler, you enter your information and invite your opposing parties. If they join, you’ve started a Squabble. In doing so, you’re saving time and money that would be otherwise spent on paperwork. You have all your information directly in one place and will resolve your dispute all through your phone. Remember, if your opposing party doesn’t join, no worries! You can always “Squash”, which auto-files your claim in Small Claims Court in the proper jurisdiction. Either way, dispute resolved!

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Satisfied Squabblers & SQUABBLEES   

Squabble made getting what I KNEW my business was owed very easy and I didn’t have to go through some major process of going to the court website, locating all the forms for my particular case, printing them out and going to court to argue in front of the judge with my opposition. Saved me a whole bunch of money and time. I seriously still can’t believe this exists.

– Christine W., Detroit, MI

I basically got money that I probably never would’ve gotten. I loved how this app  was able to make an otherwise long and complicated process short and organized. Would have been drowning in paperwork and probably give up like I did when I tried to get what I was owed last year,  but Squabble made it easy. The mediator was also a huge help and super professional.

– Jacob K., Palm Springs, CA

Highly recommend Squabble. My Squabblee was unsure of entering Squabble and realized they had to go through a long process with me in court with plenty of paperwork. They decided to just join the Squabble and get the dispute resolved through the app. Thank you Squabble — I had my doubts at first whether this was real, and not only was it real, it was totally painless.

– Veronica F., Fort Lauderdale, FL