The Hassle of Small Claims Court

How Squabble Makes It Easy

Small Claims Court deals with disputes of small monetary value (usually below $10,000 but it varies depending on jurisdiction). In this process, it is not uncommon for lawyers to be absent (or even prohibited), which makes it a very good possibility that you will have to represent yourself. Parties in a Small Claims case often have a limited time to declare their self-representation. Failing to inform the court may result in your evidence being excluded from the hearing. In addition, parties in these types of cases often have limited rights in the discovery process, meaning preparation may become more difficult. One of the most problematic areas for individuals involved in this process is the fact that they must know the local laws (which change frequently) in order to best ensure success.

The amount of paperwork involved is also a nightmare.

With Squabble, everything is done conveniently through your smartphone. You don’t need to gather all of the necessary paperwork, wait weeks for a court date that might not suit your schedule, and have to spend time and energy preparing for that inconvenient hearing. Ultimately, Squabble is faster, cheaper, and easier.