How the system is complicated but we make it easy

The small claims court deals with disputes with a smaller monetary value. Depending on where you live, the limit to be considered a small claim will be different. A lot of times, lawyers are not needed in these claims, which means you are representing yourself, meaning the trial may also be conducted more informally. Whether this is to your advantage or not, you will likely still need to contact a lawyer to obtain advice on how to perform well. This does also result in a poor execution likely giving you a bad outcome.

Parties in a small claims case often have a limited time to declare their self-representation. Failing to inform the court may result in your evidence to be excluded from the trial. In addition, parties in these types of cases often have limited rights in the discovery process, meaning preparation may become more difficult. One of the most complicated problem areas for individuals is the fact that they must know the local and updated laws involved in their cases.

On top of all of this, the paperwork is extensive and the time spent preparing for the case is enormous. With Squabble, everything is done easily from your smartphone without having to spend the time and energy preparing for the trial, gathering all the paperwork for the court date, and waiting weeks to finally receive a trial date. Squabble solves everything in an orderly manner directly from your phone to make the process cheaper, faster, and streamlined.