Why We Use Notifications

Why am I getting notifications?

We use notifications to keep you informed on your claim and nothing else. Notifications from the app are not used for marketing purposes. We reserve notifications to alert you of important updates on your claim.

Contact can be lost in email and text messages, but with a notification, you are provided the message immediately and lead directly to the app.

Notifications can be turned off in your homepage settings. Simply press notifications and select off.

Here is an example:

Ymir filed a claim but does not check his emails very often. Too much spam. Ymir hears a tone from his phone. He sees Squabble has sent him a crucial message that is time-sensitive. From there he can enter the app and see what needs to be addressed. Afterward, Ymir continues to only get status updates on his claim. Once his claim is done, he will not receive any more notifications.

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