Does someone owe you money?
Squabble it!

The revolutionary app trusted by millions to start, fully resolve and collect on ANY monetary dispute.


“We are talking about the new app that is modernizing the legal system, a more effective approach to resolving financial disputes. Get it done, get it settled, before it ever gets to court.”

How it works

Start my squabble.
Resolve my dispute.
Collect my funds.

Satisfied Squabblers & SQUABBLEES   

Squabble made getting what I KNEW my business was owed very easy and I didn’t have to go through some major process of going to the court website, locating all the forms for my particular case, printing them out and going to court to argue in front of the judge with my opposition. Saved me a whole bunch of money and time. I seriously still can’t believe this exists.

– Christine W., Detroit, MI

I basically got money that I probably never would’ve gotten. I loved how this app  was able to make an otherwise long and complicated process short and organized. Would have been drowning in paperwork and probably give up like I did when I tried to get what I was owed last year,  but Squabble made it easy. The mediator was also a huge help and super professional.

– Jacob K., Palm Springs, CA

Highly recommend Squabble. My Squabblee was unsure of entering Squabble and realized they had to go through a long process with me in court with plenty of paperwork. They decided to just join the Squabble and get the dispute resolved through the app. Thank you Squabble — I had my doubts at first whether this was real, and not only was it real, it was totally painless.

– Veronica F., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why ?

No lawyer Necessary.
Certified Squabble Mediators.
No paperwork.
actually collect.


Squabble makes it simple to get what you’re owed. With our revolutionary app, available on iPhone and Android, resolve disputes anywhere. Whether you want to sue someone in small claims in five minutes, see if your opponent joined your Squabble or join one yourself as a “Squabblee™”, it’s painless. We no longer have to waste our time scaling a mountain of paperwork and navigating the court system on our own. Squabble quickly resolves your dispute at the tap of a screen, without the headache. 

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