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File and fully resolve legal disputes from $250 and up.

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Three Step Process

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SQUABBLE is a new way of handling disputes. A venture that enables us to amicably settle our financial quarrels ($250 and up) through a simple, streamlined application. We are a patent-pending digital mediation service and e-file facilitator that allows a would-be plaintiff to use the application to resolve her dispute digitally through a trained and certified mediator. The result? A traditional and cumbersome legal system transformed into a simplified and user-friendly interface.




Testimonials Of Our

Beta Clients

“Squabble made filing my claim very easy and I didn’t have to go through the long process of going to court to mediate the problem between myself and my Squablee. Saved me money and time. Loved the ease of this app.”

– Christine , Detroit, MI 

“I loved how this app helped and was able to make an otherwise long and complicated process short and organized in the app. Would have been drowning in paperwork in court but Squabble made it easy and the mediator was also a huge help. “

– Jacob, Palm Springs, CA 

“Highly recommend Squabble. My “Squabblee” was unsure of entering Squabble and realized they had to go through a long process with me in court with plenty of paperwork and then decided to simply join Squabble and get the dispute resolved through the app. Thank you Squabble.”

– Veronica, Long Beach, CA