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::: Before I File

All courts require service of process. Does Squabble take care of that?

Yes, automatically. When you file your case through Squabble, the defendant will be provided with formal notice from a local “server” telling them tha...

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Am I giving up any rights by filing through Squabble?

Of course not! When you file through Squabble, you retain 100% of your rights and collect 100% of any judgement obtained. Squabble just ensures that y...

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Can I file a case against a business using Squabble?

Yes. You can file a case against any business of any size using Squabble. From a local contractor to a landlord to a Fortune 500 company, Squabble has...

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Can I hide my address from the defendant?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your address from the defendant. The process server is required to hand the full lawsuit to the defendant and t...

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Can I use Squabble for any small claims case?

Yes! Squabble is built by lawyers and we’ve got you covered. With Squabble, you can resolve ANY monetary dispute. Some of the most common Squabble cat...

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Does Age Matter in Small Claims?

Yes. Your age is an important part of determining legal liability, defenses, and remedies. So, understanding Age of Majority is important when fil...

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How can make sure I file against the right business name?

This is accomplished by using government resources and process servers.

Unless an amendment is filed, Courts cannot simply correct inaccurate i...

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How do I know if my case is frivolous?

The simple answer is that this is very rare in small claims cases. Because the law values a plaintiff’s ability to vindicate his or her rights in cour...

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How do I know Squabble is legitimate?

Squabble was founded and is run by attorneys. We have deep knowledge of all aspects of the court system and have successfully submitted thousands of c...

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How do I know that Squabble is going to do this correctly in my jurisdiction with my case type?

Squabble is linked with every small claims court system in the country. Thus, once you enter the defendant’s address and/or an address related to your...

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How do I know the right jurisdiction?

Squabble will help you figure out the right jurisdiction FREE. Download Squabble and enter some simple information and we’ll let you know what jurisdi...

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How does Squabble make money?

Squabble takes a flat $95 fee for all filings. However, your total filing costs will be higher because they include:

  1. Your court filing fee and
  2. ...

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How does Squabble work?

Download Squabble from the Play Store or App Store and follow these 3 steps:

**Step 1: You answer simple questions. We do all the legal translating.*...

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How much does it cost to file on Squabble?

The cost of filing a case varies by jurisdiction and, sometimes, by claim amount. Sign up with Squabble and start a filing by entering a few simple pi...

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My business is a sole proprietorship. Do I file as a business or individual?

If your business is a sole proprietorship, your business was never registered with the state as a legal entity. Therefore, its best to file as an indi...

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Should I file as an individual or business?

If the damage was done to the business, then file as a business. If it was done as an individual, file as an individual. Filing as a business follows ...

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What happens if the defendant cannot be located at the address I’ve provided to Squabble?

If the defendant cannot be located at the address you’ve provided, the process server will make three additional attempts at that address to complete ...

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What is a demand letter and do I need one?

When we’re owed money, nearly all of us ask the other party to pay us back. Obviously! We either ask orally (i.e. in person or via phone) or in writin...

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What Is A Jurisdiction?

**Jurisdiction is the Court’s authority over a lawsuit. Jurisdictions are the appropriate counties where Courts have the legal power to resolve disput...

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What is service of process?

Generally, it is the procedure of finding and informing a defendant of your claim against them. Thankfully in our nation, you must be duly notifie...

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What is the max amount I can sue for in small claims court?

Every small claims court has its own maximum amount you’re allowed to sue for (i.e. $10,000 in all CA counties). Once you’ve entered the location of y...

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What is the statue of limitations for my case?

Certain time is allotted to each legal claim. This is called the Statute of Limitations. Depending on your claim type, you will only have a certai...

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Why do dates matter?

Having accurate dates is the first indicator of whether a claim exists or not. Dates are also pieces of evidence used to prove your claim. **Provi...

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Why is Where It Happened Is Important?

Where the damage/harm occurred is important. Why?

**This fact will determine which jurisdiction to bring a claim to so that the court can have the po...

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Why should I use Squabble instead of filing on my own?

  1. Locate the right forms for your jurisdiction and case type
  2. Correctly fill out those forms (triple-check guarantee!)
  3. Properly file those forms...

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::: After I file

Has COVID-19 delayed the courts?

Nationwide courts are overwhelmed with a backlog of cases. Every part of the justice system is trying to catch up from the closures and limited servic...

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How can I best prepare for court?

Here’s an easy checklist to follow:

1. Plan what you are going to say.

You will have to explain to the judge why you sued and what you want him or ...

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How long does it take until the judge hears my case?

Regardless of where you are filing, three steps must be taken. Filing the claim, serving the defendant, and getting a hearing date. This process range...

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How long will my court appearance last?

Many cases are usually scheduled for the same time and the calendar can be very crowded. This makes it impossible for any one case to take a lot of ti...

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My case was filed! What happens now?

First, you’ll receive an email confirming that your Squabble was submitted.

Then, you’ll receive an email confirming that your Squabble was filed in ...

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What if the person being sued doesn’t show up?

If the person being sued (the defendant) does not show up for the hearing, the plaintiff still needs to prove his or her case. If the defendant can sh...

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What is a Pre-Trial Conference?

This is a court ordered action for the plaintiff and defendant to meet before trial. In certain jurisdictions, a pre-trial conference requires the...

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Who decides whether I win or lose?

Usually a judge. Sometimes you may have a commissioner or temporary judge at your hearing. They both serve in the same role as judges. A commissioner ...

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