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All courts require service of process. Does Squabble take care of that?

Yes, automatically. When you file your case through Squabble, the defendant will be provided with formal notice from a local “server” telling them that:

1. You have sued them in small claims court (the “Complaint”)
2. They are are required to appear in court on your court date (the “Summons”)
3. If they don’t appear, they will lose the case automatically (“Default”)

This official notice is called “Service of Process” and is required by all jurisdcitions in order for the court to hear your case.

If the defendant cannot be located at the address you’ve provided, the process server will make three additional attempts at that address to complete service (the legal standard). If these attempts fail, you may provide another address to the Squabble Support Team. At that point, four new attempts at service will then take place at this new address for an additional fee.

In the extremely rare event that the defendant cannot be located at any address you’ve provided (i.e. the defendant has moved to an unknown location or is actively evading service), Squabble will offer you the option to discover the defendant’s location through an expert (“tracing”). Given the rarity of this situation, Squabble offers tracing as a separate service and does require a separate fee.

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