Nationwide Small Claims Filing.

Squabble is the only platform that files and serves in every U.S. jurisdiction.

Did you know that there are over 3,000 jurisdictions in the United States, many of which have multiple court locations?

Built and overseen by attorneys, Squabble's Case Review Team understands the importance of all the minute distinctions among our courts. That's why we've become the nation's premiere platform for both businesses and individuals to prepare, file and serve small claims cases anywhere in the country!

Whether you'd like to 'go it alone' or join the thousands each year who file through Squabble, we believe everyone deserves access to justice. That's why we've prepared some helpful information about some of our more popular jurisdictions below. If you don't see your jurisdiction, we're still preparing your local guide — but remember, you can file a new case with Squabble anywhere in the U.S today!





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