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How can make sure I file against the right business name?

This is accomplished by using government resources and process servers.

Unless an amendment is filed, Courts cannot simply correct inaccurate information. Having the information correct is the first step to having your case heard. Acquiring information about a business is daunting, but it is relatively simple. Afterwards an example will be provided.

The purpose of requiring precise details for a business is to ensure the correct party is being sued.

Steps are taken to inform the business of your claim. After that point the claim moves forward.

Discovering a business name may be tricky. Make sure you have an agent’s name and address to confirm you have the correct business. With our Triple-Check process, we help ensure you have the correct business based on your provided statements.


Paul lives in Texas. He had a contract run sour with his web designer, Dan Doss and his California company calling itself Dan Doss Tech Design. After Paul read this article, he went to the California Secretary of State’s website to conduct a simple and free business search of Dan Doss Tech Design. Paul selected the business tab and selected search.

Most importantly, Paul read the search tips offered on site. And as there are different business types, such as LPs or LLCs, he searched various iterations of the business. Paul searched for: “Dan Doss Tech Design”, “Dan Doss”, “Tech Design”, “Doss Tech Design”, and “Dan Tech Design”. Also checking against the agent’s name and address, Paul cannot find a result.

When the search did not produce any identifying information on Dan Doss Tech Design. Paul then realizes Dan Doss Tech Design is more than likely classified as a D.B.A. (Doing Business As). So when Paul enters the business name into the claim, he writes Dan Doss d.b.a. Dan Doss Motion Design.

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