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How long does it take until the judge hears my case?

Regardless of where you are filing, three steps must be taken. Filing the claim, serving the defendant, and getting a hearing date. This process ranges from 75 days to 3 months. There may be further delays if the court has a large backlog of cases but this almost never exceeds 6 months.

Submitting your claim through Squabble takes a few minutes and your case is filed in a matter of days. It will take a few weeks (maybe slightly longer if courts are delayed) for the court to accept your case. Once they do, you are given a case number and the court keeps a record of the form.

Formally notifying the defendant (through “service of process”) can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. This all depends on how easy it is for our process servers to locate the defendant. Once the defendant is found, our process servers will provide them with the formal claim and court documents. This is all done automatically when you file through Squabble.

Getting a hearing date takes a little time. Courts usually schedule hearing dates 30 days after a defendant is served or, at the most, a few months. This is the most difficult part to give a time estimate. Court schedules and case loads vary. Regardless of when the hearing is scheduled, you are guaranteed to get a date for your claim.

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