Squabble FAQ

Why You Need An Account

An account with Squabble ensures all of your filing information is saved and you are kept informed of your claim.

With an account, you will be able to monitor your claims in real-time on the Squabble app. The app is also our primary form of contact with you. Here we can send notifications of important updates, display where in the process your claim is, and perform the Triple-Check!

Registered with Squabble allows you to submit further claims. You can track and reference all claims made. And if you have a high volume of claims, we’ll also inform you if you hit your jurisdiction’s yearly limit.

With an account, Squabble gathers all the necessary information for your particular claim, jurisdiction, and filing requirements. Without an account, you would have to research your claim, jurisdiction, and court documents.

For Example:

Patrice created an account on the Squabble app. She starts filling out an application but wants to finish it later. When she reopens the application, she can start where she left off.

After submitting her claim, the process of serving and filing a claim occurs. Squabble is then able to contact you if there are issues and when the claim reaches milestones.

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