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Are you facing a breach of contract dispute and seeking a hassle-free way to resolve it without the need for expensive legal representation? Look no further than Squabble! Our platform empowers everyone, regardless of their legal expertise, to navigate the small claims process and seek justice seamlessly.

Whether you need to recover a security deposit, unpaid rent, medical bills, or damages to personal property, Squabble is your trusted partner in resolving breach of contract claims.

Why Choose Squabble for Small Claims Breach of Contract?

Filing claims can get complicated. Learn how 95% of Squabble users have won their cases in small claims court.

  • Accessible resolution: Our user-friendly platform ensures that anyone can seamlessly file a small claims dispute in their local civil court, regardless of jurisdiction.
  • Convenient and mobile-friendly: You can resolve your breach of contract dispute right from your phone or computer at a time that suits you. There’s no need to schedule appointments or take time off work.
  • Simplified filing system: Squabble simplifies the filing process, prompting you to fill only the fields about your specific case and escalating them to the appropriate departments.
  • Expert assistance: Squabble has experts for guidance and help you throughout the process. We ensure that your case is backed by legitimate documents, turning your claim into a credible threat.

Breach of Contract Claims You Can Resolve With Squabble

A breach occurs when one party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, leading to potential legal disputes. Let’s look at the different types of breaches and how you’ll navigate each claim with Squabble.

Recovering a Security Deposit From a Landlord After Vacating the Property

If you’re dealing with an especially difficult landlord, getting your security deposit back can be challenging. You’ll need to:

  • Review the lease agreement: Understand the terms and conditions related to the security deposit and ensure you have complied with all requirements.
  • Document property condition: Before moving out, thoroughly document the condition of the rental property, preferably with photographs or videos (make sure time stamps are turned on). This will serve as crucial evidence if there are any disputes over damages.
  • Proper notice: Provide your landlord adequate notice of your intent to move out per the lease terms.
  • Demand letter: If your landlord refuses to return your deposit, Squabble will help you with an attorney-drafted demand letter that threatens them with a case if they don't respond.
  • Small claims filing: If the landlord still does not comply, file a small claims court case using our easy filing system. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation, including the lease, photographs, and communication records.

Recovering Unpaid Rent After a Tenant Vacates a Property

Tenants can be difficult, too, and some will leave your property without making payment. Here’s what you’ll need and what you’ll need to do:

  • Lease agreement: Review the lease agreement to understand the terms and conditions regarding rent payments, late fees, and non-payment penalties.
  • Document rent payments: Record all rent payments, including dates, amounts, and receipts.
  • Late notices: If rent is overdue, send formal late notices as the lease agreement requires.
  • Communication: Attempt to communicate with the tenant about the unpaid rent and negotiate a resolution.
  • Demand letter: If negotiations fail, Squabble will help you with an attorney-drafted demand letter that threatens them with a case if they don't comply.
  • Small claims filing: If the tenant still does not pay, file a small claims court case using our easy filing system. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation, including the lease agreement, rent payments, late notices, communication, and the demand letter.

Recovering Payment for Medical Bills After an Injury Accident

The aftermath of an injury accident often brings not only physical and emotional challenges but also the burden of medical bills. To secure the necessary payment, you’ll need to:

  • Gather evidence: Collect all relevant documents, such as medical bills, records, photographs of injuries, and accident reports.
  • Establish negligence: Determine if the injury resulted from someone else's negligence. Consult with an attorney if necessary.
  • Insurance claims: Explore the possibility of filing an insurance claim with the at-fault party's insurance company.
  • Demand letter: If insurance claims are unsuccessful, Squabble will help you with an attorney-drafted demand letter for the responsible party outlining your claim and the compensation sought.
  • Small claims filing: If negotiations or the demand letter do not yield results, file a small claims court case easily with Squabble.

Recovering Payment for Repaired, Damaged, or Destroyed Personal Property

Whether you haven’t gotten payment for repairs or your belongings have been damaged or completely destroyed, the financial burden of replacement or restoration can be overwhelming. You’ll have to:

  • Gather contract documentation: Put together any contracts, agreements, or written communication about the property damage.
  • Document damage: Thoroughly document the extent of the damage, including photographs or repair estimates.
  • Calculate repair costs: Note the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property. Get estimates from local contractors if necessary.
  • Send a demand letter: The demand letter will outline your claim and the requested compensation with the help of Squabble.
  • Start small claims filing: If the matter remains unresolved, file a small claims court case with all supporting documentation and evidence through Squabble's easy filing service.

Recovering Payment From a Small Unpaid Debt

Chasing down a small unpaid debt may seem like a minor financial concern, but for individuals seeking resolution, every outstanding payment matters. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Debt documentation: Gather all documents related to the debt, including contracts, invoices, promissory notes, or evidence of the debt owed.
  • Demand letter: Send the debtor a formal, attorney-drafted demand letter through Squabble.
  • Small claims filing: File a small claims court case through Squabble's easy filing service.

Squabble Can Help You With Your Breach of Contract Claim

Whether you're dealing with a security deposit dispute, unpaid rent, medical bills, damaged property, or unpaid debts, Squabble empowers you to seek justice and recover what's rightfully yours. We are committed to making the small claims court process easier and more accessible.

With Squabble, you're not alone in your dispute resolution journey. Start resolving your breach of contract claim today and take the first step towards a fair and just outcome.

Get started today and Join 95% of our customers who won their cases in small claims court.

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