Resolving Defective Product Claims with Squabble

Whether a faulty product has injured you, you suffered damage to your property, or you are simply dissatisfied with a purchase, our mission is to make filing defective product claims through small claims court as efficient and accessible as possible for everyone. With Squabble, you can take control of your dispute resolution right from your phone without the need for legal expertise or complicated language.

The Squabble Difference

We easily stand out in the landscape of the legal system. By offering comprehensive support tailored to your needs, Squabble enables individuals to work through the legal complexities without extensive legal expertise. Here’s how we’re different.

Easy and User-Friendly Resolution

Squabble offers the most straightforward filing system in the country. We recognize that the legal system can be complex to navigate. That's why we've made it our mission to simplify the process for you. With Squabble, you can efficiently resolve your defective product dispute anytime, anywhere, with our step-by-step claim submission service.

Credible Threats with Legitimate Documents

Send a "credible threat" confidently with our attorney-drafted document templates. We will also help you fill out all the necessary paperwork for your case, even if you plan to wait to file it. This means you can send the responsible party a credible threat backed by legitimate documents, increasing the chances of a swift resolution in your favor, before ever stepping foot in small claims court.

Nationwide Coverage

Squabble serves clients nationwide, making it convenient for you to access our services anywhere you live. We can help you file claims in your jurisdiction, ensuring your defective product claim is handled appropriately.

Defective Product Claims

Here are the different defective product claims you can file with Squabble.

Personal Injury (Relating to Defective Products)

A personal injury claim relating to a defective product arises when an individual is harmed physically or emotionally due to a faulty product. This can include injuries caused by defects in design, manufacturing, or warnings about the product. In such cases, the injured party may seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Examples of personal injury claims related to defective products include:

  • Injuries from malfunctioning electronic devices
  • Harm caused by contaminated or adulterated food products
  • Health issues resulting from toxic substances in consumer goods
  • Accidents due to product defects, such as vehicle component failures

Toxic Torts

Toxic tort claims involve situations where individuals are exposed to hazardous chemicals or toxic substances due to a defective product. These claims can arise from contaminated products, inadequate safety warnings, or improper handling of dangerous materials.

Toxic tort claims often seek compensation for health problems, property damage, and environmental harm caused by exposure to toxic substances.

Product Liability Negligence

Product liability negligence claims focus on the legal responsibility of manufacturers, distributors, and sellers for providing safe and defect-free products to consumers. If a defective product has caused harm or damage due to negligence in its production, design, or distribution, individuals may file such claims to seek compensation for their losses.

Damaged Products

A damaged product claim typically involves seeking compensation for the cost of the damaged item or requesting a replacement. These claims are typical for items that have been mishandled during shipping, have manufacturing defects, or were received in a condition that doesn’t meet reasonable expectations.

Design Defects

Design defect claims center on products with inherent design flaws, making them unsafe or ineffective for their intended purpose. When a design defect causes harm or inconvenience, individuals may pursue legal action against the responsible parties to recover damages or secure product recalls.

Defects in Marketing

Claims related to defects in marketing focus on deceptive or misleading practices in advertising, labeling, or product information. When consumers are harmed due to false claims or inadequate warnings, they may seek compensation for losses incurred due to purchasing or using the misrepresented product.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defect claims pertain to improperly manufactured products, leading to defects, malfunctions, or safety hazards. In such cases, individuals may file claims to recover damages for any harm or injuries caused by these defects. Manufacturing defect claims address issues during production rather than inherent design flaws.

Squabble Support Packages

Here are the support packages available. Find the tier of support you need.

Tier 1: Perfect Paperwork

The "Perfect Paperwork" package provides essential legal support, including help choosing the proper jurisdiction and venue, legally compliant documents, attorney-drafted paperwork, and clear filing instructions. If required, you can upgrade to the "File the Case" plan.

Tier 2: File the Case

The "File the Case" package provides a complete legal service, including paperwork preparation, filing your case, serving legal notifications, filing proof of service, and preparing you for court. It offers comprehensive support for initiating and progressing through legal proceedings, streamlining the process, and ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Tier 3: Work With a Paralegal

The "Work with a Paralegal" package extends the "File the Case" offering with additional benefits, including lawyer oversight, a dedicated Case Agent, unlimited phone support and included E-Service. Please note that while a lawyer oversees your case, they don’t assess its merits or form an attorney-client relationship.

Squabble is Here for Your Defective Product Claims

Squabble is a revolutionary platform committed to simplifying the complex landscape of filing claims. Whether you’ve suffered a product injury, encountered damaged products, or faced issues related to toxic substances, we empower you to take control of your defective product claims effortlessly to receive proper compensation. Take charge of your claims journey with Squabble to collect what’s rightfully yours.

Get started today and Join 95% of our customers who won their cases in small claims court.

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